We’ll partner with some of the great financial management professionals and lawyers we’ve had the honor of working with over the years. We’ll lace up our running shoes to chase clients through the airport to get a signature so that paperwork gets done on time without penalty.

That’s how we’ve always approached our services – for more than 30 years.


Give advice and make reasoned recommendations

Get to know your business inside and out

Find partners to fit additional needs outside our scope


“About a year ago, I was receiving payment for some consulting work for a health system in California. Because of their laws, they were withholding tax money from me, saying I also owed money. Diane was able to work with the State of California to resolve the issue. I was receiving all these letters saying it had already been withheld, but they were saying I owed more. Diane got to the bottom of that mixup, spending lots of time on the phone to get it sorted out. It absolutely saved me a lot of anxiety and time”

– Tom File MD, Chair of Infectious Diseases, Summa Healthy

“Their firm works as a team. They’re not just working with their clients individually to squeeze every cent out of you. By working as a team – of CPAs, advisors and attorneys – they can find the right approach and give the right advice. We refer a lot of our clients to Weidrick Livesay because of the work they do. They’re prompt, honest, and they do it right.”

– Kevin Tubbs, Financial Advisor

“My experience with Weidrick Livesay & Company has been exceptional. They’ve always been available and accessible. We feel they have always given us solid advice. We really find them to be very reliable and accurate. That’s pretty much what want in an accountant.”

– Richard Lehrer MD, President, Ohio Eye Alliance